Garden Beats: Electronic Picnic Festival

Set atop the lush greenery of Fort Canning park, Garden Beats positions itself as the ‘electronic picnic festival’. Here’s a little recap of the day and what it means for Singapore’s burgeoning music scene.

Lush greenery, funky beats, giant jenga, paper lamps, colourful signs and smiling faces: just a glimpse of the first few things i saw and heard as i walked into Garden Beats ‘the electronic picnic festival’ at Fort Canning park. Now, as a Melbournian i’d say i have been pretty spoilt for choice when it comes to cultural and music activities – there’s always something on and i often find it difficult picking between the different events on offer. In Singapore, however, the choices are a little more narrowed with only a handful of these fun shindigs happening a month. So in an attempt to get out and experience more in this incredible city I decided to suck it up and purchase a ticket – i missed the early bird offer so i paid $65. Given Laneway was $180 i thought this was a fairly okay price as i didn’t know most of the artists at either event.


We arrived at around 3:30pm when the vast majority of people were probably still in bed from the night before – but for me this was the best (yet most sweaty) time of the day! No crowds, lots of open space to frolic around barefoot, chilled picnic rug naps and no queues for beer! Heaven! As the late afternoon arrived more festival goers poured in, and around this time there was a local band that came into the crowd for their set (see the image with the huge bass tuba? Tuba? Instrument?) – everyone gathered around dancing and clapping and for me the fact that the event was so small was a real positive, it felt intimate and special. As the night went on the music started getting a little more electronic and recognisable. Lyrics started appearing in songs and the beats got a little faster. The breeze picked up and so did everyone previously sitting and chilling.


I have to say this was one of the most magical days i have had so far in Singapore! Friends, fun and beats – what more could you want? Definitely heading back next year!


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