The Best Coffee Shops in Hanoi

This city is obsessed with coffee, no joke there is literally a cafe or coffee house on every street corner. So it was only fair as a caffeine lover to explore some of the coolest cafes in town, and I’ve got three favourites that you should definitely check out if you ever come to Hanoi!

Cafe Giang 

The owner of Cafe Giang invented ‘egg coffee’ during the French War when fresh milk was scarce in Vietnam. Although at the time condensed milk was also used to line the bottom of the cup with coffee poured over the top, the coffee shop decided to whisk in eggs to create a creamy consistency and let me tell you it is so good I can see why they still make it today! The thick velvety eggy layer sits on top of the coffee base, which you can whisk together or eat separately. It’s a little hard to describe it but essentially it reminds me of custard but way WAY better. This place is mainly popular with locals (A+) but there are many food tours, which pass through as well. You’ll need to walk down a dark corridor to get to the downstairs area but I would recommend sitting upstairs as it’s a much nicer experience.

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20,000 VND

Cong Caphe 

I went to Cong Caphe every single day that I was in Hanoi! The cafe’s theme seems to be based around the communist/vietnam war era with the wait staff decked out in green tops, pants and caps with countless photographs of soldiers and communities during this period. Old radios, fans, lights and cookware adorn the shelves and window cills. They have six outlets in Hanoi so regardless of where you’re staying there’s bound to be one near you! I’ve had the classic Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk, the Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk and coconut, the coconut yoghurt coffee and the coconut smoothie coffee – all are incredible but the smoothie version takes the cake. Think a big piece of frozen coconut yoghurt with delicious coffee. I love it!

35,000 VND

Hanoi Social Club 

The friendly staff, vintage furniture and serene rooftop are some of the reasons why I love this place. They also have a vegetarian and vegan friendly menu so if you’re that way inclined and finding it difficult to locate meat/dairy/gluten/whatever-free dishes then this may be the spot for you! They also have live music on Tuesday’s so head down around 8pm if you want to treat your ears. Another plus is that HSC is spread out over three floors – oh and the tiles are pretty nice too right? Am I the only tile lover here?!

50,000 VND
50,000 VND

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