Travel Basics: Budgeting

Have you ever wondered why some people always seem to be traveling? Well, the truth is that they aren’t millionaires! Long term or frequent travellers are often people who are very good at handling their money and sacrifice quite a lot of other things to enable this mobility.

So what does it really cost to travel the world? And how do you set up a budget to reach your goal of doing this? I think each travel blogger has a unique perspective to share on their travels as well as a range of tips and advice on how to best budget. So below I have linked to a few of my favourite resources!

Now it’s important to remember that everyone has individual preferences that will shape their budget. For example I have some friends who would rather pay less on accommodation and spend that money on good food instead, vice versa other friends would prefer nicer accommodation and less money for food. So keep this in mind when preparing your budget, consider yourself and what you like to do.

Be clear about how much money you’ll have for your travels (or perhaps what you aim to make whilst you travel) as well as the length of time available to you, these two things will allow you to shape your adventure! Remember to always stay positive, enjoy the ride and be present! Ciao!

Breakdown of 25 Countries – (2015)
How to Budget – (2015)
World Budget Travel Table 2015 – (2015)  Explanation of Cost Structures – (2015)
Sage Tips – (2014)
Round the World Budget Costs – (2014)
Month on Month Breakdown – (2013)
A Backpacker Budget – (2013)
An Urban Professional’s Take – (2012)
Traveling with no Money – (2012)
$4520 for 19 Flights – (2012)
Couple World Travel – (2011)
Estimating Costs – (2010)
Long Term Travel Budgeting – (2010)
RTW Costs – (2010)
Sticking to a Budget – (2010)

31 Asian Cities Cost – (2015)
Thailand – (2015)
Three Weeks in Japan – (2015)
Backpacking Southeast Asia – (2014)
Japan Budget – (2014)
Myanmar – (2014)
China Costs – (2013)
Girls Guide to Asia Travel – (2013) Monthly Breakdown – (2013)
Ali’s Two Month Adventure Cost – (2012)
Detailed SEA Breakdown – (2012)

European Cities Budget Index – (2015)
Backpack Europe Step-by-Step Planning Guide – (2015)
A Week in Portugal – (2015)
Italy Costs – (2015)
Europe Trip Breakdown – (2014)
A Month in France – (2014)
Paris at $50 a Day – (2013)

Expensive Australia – (2015)
Very Detailed Breakdown – (2014)
A Month in Aus – (2014)
Sydney Under $25 a Day – (2014)                                                          One Month in NZ – (2014)

I’m really looking forward to part 3 of the Travel Basics series! And as always remember to like the LONYPAMITO Facebook page and follow on Instagram!


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