Cheap Eats – Milan

Not sure where to eat in Milan? No worries, here’s a local foodie guide to help you get through the semester ahead or perhaps your holiday! I have been to each of these fine establishments more than a few times and can safely say they’re a good bet, and most of them are very affordable! Buon appetito!

1. Bagel Factory – €1.50 for a cream cheese bagel? Um, yes please! Couple that with a freshly squeezed orange juice, clean modern interior and oh so friendly staff and you have a winning combination! Oh and they also have over a dozen types of bagel to choose from, prepare yoself! You can check them out here


Bagelicious #bagelfactory #forgetexams #eatbagels

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2. Wang Jiao – Oh WJ you have such a special place in my heart that on the day of my departure my friends and I just had to take a photo outside so our memories of the delicious duck fried rice, spicy calamari and prawn dumplings could live on forever. This has become one of my all-time favourite Chinese restaurants in the world and for good reason (fresh, cheap and tasty).They have a few outlets in Milan but purely out of convenience I went to the one located right near Bocconi for lunch most days. WJ also do a mean lunch deal with a water and espresso. Check em here


Cravings satisfied – mischief managed -#friedrice #szechuanshrimp #charsiew –

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3. Spontini – Now this really is a Milanese institution and the best part is that they have an incredible location right next to the Duomo. If you’re an indecisive eater then fret not because Spontini only have three pizza choices, my favourite is the classic Margherita! Hit up Ciocolatitaliani for a gelato after too. Here’s a link to their site if you want to learn more


4. Bocconi Giusti – If you head to Bocconi Giusti during lunch time (which in italy means anywhere between 1pm – 3pm) then expect a very long queue. Most of the locals head here for sflitano and slice of pizza in between classes. And let me just say the choices are infinite but my favourite are the cotoletta sflitano and the buffala mozzarella pizza. Belissima! This place is so cool they don’t even have a site, and honestly they don’t need one – business is gooooood my friends.


More than happy to eat this everyday! #buffalamozarella #basilico #pomodoro

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5. Belle e Buono – So located just before Bocconi Giusti is Belle e Buono’s first outlet in the area, here they have delicious pizza and panzerotti, which I can’t fault. But keep heading down Via Sabotino to their other restaurant and nonna will greet you with a big smile and an even bigger plate of pasta with an even bigger tiramisu to end the meal. This place is ace value and still one of my favourite tiramisu’s. No website but plenty of reviews on this little gem are out there.

6. Pizza AM – Ok so Pizza AM is not so much a meal as it is an experience! From the brightly coloured walls, vibrant art works to the eccentric owner Pizza AM is sure to deliver a big smile to any visitor. From the moment you walk in you’re served a glass of prosecco and a small slice of pizza to nibble on. These are probably the most similar to pizzas in Naples so definitely worth a visit if you’re craving that! P.s. be aware that they want you in and out as the lines get very long and they try to get everyone seated before the night is over, so if they rush you don’t stress – it’s pretty normal. Check em here



7. Pave – by far one of the best pastry shops in Milan with the hippest staff and youngest patisserie chefs! From the nutella filled brioche to the mint milk and scrumptious cakes, Pave has something for everyone. They also do a pretty mean coffee but hey it’s Italy, you’ll be hard-pressed to find bad coffee. Find the artisanal brilliance here


Pave | Via Felice Casati, Milano

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8. Rossopomodoro – yes, another pizza place. There are never enough pizza places! But Rossopomodoro is awesome because it’s a chain, which means there’s a lot of them AND they are fairly decently priced. My favourite pizzas are of course the margherita and the prosciutto with ruccola. I find the service here is often a little lacklustre but it’s very much made up for in the quality and taste of the food. Check the kids here


Rossopomodoro | Via Sabotino

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9. Famoso Fusion – so you’ll notice that all-you-can-eat sushi is a big deal in Milan and one of my favourites is definitely Famoso Fusion. The quality and price really do make for good value. They recommend to have three dishes at a time because if you over order anything you don’t finish will be charged piece by piece so do be aware of that ok? For locations check


10. That’s Bakery – heavenly cupcakes, damn good burgers and the best latte in Milan? Check. Check. Check. This place is a gem and it’s in one of the hippest areas of Milan. So grab yourself some brunch and take a stroll to check out all the cool shops nearby. I recommend the red velvet cupcakes, sah good.


Definitely the best coffee I have had in Milan. Guess where? 😉

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