Deus Cafe – Best Burger in Milan?

After a tram, train and a bit of walking around (look at the map below, i got seriously lost trying to find the place) I finally ended up at the Deus cafe. If you’re familiar with Deus you’ll know that aside from custom made motorcycles, a sick clothing line and surfboard collection they have a number of cafes (Sydney, Bali and now Milan) serving up delicious food.

The interior of the Milan outlet is dark and moody with wooden chairs and tables, industrial lamps and flourishes of fresh florals in glass jars. It seems like the kind of place locals hang out at on Sunday (amazing that Deus is open on Sunday #italy – thank you!) with the crowd ranging from hipsters with tatts and beanies to refined chicks with Prada bags in tow to baby boomers.

The menu is pretty extensive but I decided to order the ‘Deus Burger’ (sans bacon – I know I know i’m mad for not liking bacon) after some reviewers on Yelp and Zomato exclaimed it was the “best burger in Milan – hands down!”. As the menu was in Italian it took me some time to realise that I could choose from a number of sides like grilled corn, crispy kale, baked potatoes, salad or handmade crisps. I decided to go for baked potatoes as a side but since they were out of this they offered me french fries (um heck yeah!). Once the burger came out I realised it was the normal crisps and they said I could have that AND the french fries (who says no to more potato?! Not me!).

Now, let’s get to the serious part – how did the burger taste? Let’s work through the different elements that make a good burger to get to the answer! Was the meat juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside? Check. Was the bread fluffy and flavourful? Check. Did the condiments enhance the overall deliciousness of the burger? Um fried egg, grilled cheddar, tomato, lettuce, caramelised red onions and guacamole = super tasty mouth party! Checkcheckecheckehchej321371@#?!@! The burger was pretty amazing and the different side options is something I appreciate! You get a huge hunk of a burger patty, which is also a plus but remember this is what I would call a “gourmet” burger so it’s on the more expensive side (€12).

The only other comment I would make about the experience is that as there are three distinct spaces in the cafe it was a little difficult at times to get the attention of the waiters – but aside from this the service was so good, the food impeccable and the ambience (yes I used the word ambience!) was real chill. Photos below so please prepare yourself cause you gon’ salivate!

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 5.55.20 pm IMG_8046 IMG_8045 IMG_8041 IMG_8040 IMG_8038 IMG_8035 IMG_8033 IMG_8031 IMG_8030 IMG_8028 IMG_8025 IMG_8024 IMG_8023 IMG_8022 IMG_8020 IMG_8018 IMG_8010


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